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Welkom, Gasten
Doelgericht zoeken naar of je aanbieden als opstapper kan hier.

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Onderwerp: voluntarily help on sailboat

voluntarily help on sailboat 03 juli 2016 20:55 #749562

  • srknc
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I've just finished my CWO I course and I would like to have more experience on bigger-clean sailboats.
I'm willing to help someone on his boat voluntarily to practice my skills and get some experience.
I'm an engineer around 30s and living in Amsterdam.
Feel free to share this post if you know anyone.
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voluntarily help on sailboat 03 juli 2016 22:18 #749571

  • ilCigno
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Welcome Serkan on the Dutch Sailor's Forum. I'm sure that you will find a boat you can crew soon, but it always helps if you tell something about yourself and your sailing experience so far.

BTW I moved your post to the 'crew wanted/offered' section.
Compromis 888 'il Cigno'
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voluntarily help on sailboat 10 juli 2016 20:26 #751201

  • Kokkel
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Hi Serkan, I have a sailing yacht (Westerly Regatta 290) in Lauwersoog. Maybe you can join me a day sailing Lauwersmeer or Easter Dutch Waddensea. But I like to have more personal information about you first. I have some possibilities in week 32. With regards, Michiel Firet
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